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USDA Food Pyramid

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Yes, My Pyramid looks simple enough. However, few people are able to eat properly.  The result: our bodies are not properly nourished.  If this is prolonged through habits, both cultural and personal . . . our health and vital energy can decline and our immune system begins to evaporate.  How to find a solution? Good intentions are not enough.  Reading books are inspirational but . . . without experiencing the benefits we lose heart and we are soon back to our old, not so good, nourishment style. 

There are companies who have solutions.  Taking their products with consistency to feel and see the results.  Of course, if you can’t feel and see the result of your health regime, then you are not going to keep it up.  

I have been on my health program since Aug 2007 because I can feel and see the difference. By comparison, I was just getting by, before.  But Before . . . I thought it was normal.  That is what I thought.  And . . .ignorance is bliss until you become humble enough to admit you don’t have all the answers.

Now, wanting to ‘pay it forward’ , I am providing this ‘Personal Renewal Guide’ with Yellow, Orange, Blue and Green quadrants.   Fill in your numerical responses to the statements in each quadrant.  Add up the score in each quadrant.  The color with the highest score is the metabolic area of focus for your health regime. This enables your health coach to guide you towards nutraceuticals which can best support your body’s apparent needs for healing itself.  Yes, the body has the ability to heal itself with the right support.  And, the FDA has not approved of any of these statements. This activity is not intended to diagnose, heal or prevent any disease.

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The color with the highest sum is the metabolic area to focus your health regime.






And, the FDA has not approved of any of these statements. This activity is not intended to diagnose, heal or prevent any disease.

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Here’s Coffee

Caffeine has a significant effect on spiders, ...
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Caffeine (Coffee, Tea, Cola)

Before your 3rd cup of coffee, tea or cola for the day. . . thinks about this.

1. Catabolic: Caffeine is catabolic. Energy arises in the body but at a heavy price. This is a destructive process that involves the breakdown of nutrients stored in the body. In the long run it can wear you out.

2. Nerves: Regular caffeine use can produce anxiety. The symptoms of many coffee drinkers are the same as those of people under continual stress. Irritability, agitation, nervousness, rapid breathing, trembling hands and muscle twitches can all be the result of too much coffee.

3. Mental Dullness: Missing the morning cup of coffee can bring on the typical reaction of dullness and languor. Caffeine generally removes the awareness by draining nerve energy and causing a crashing energy lag.

4. Kidney Irritation: Why does your cup of coffee make you have to go to the bathroom? Prolonged use can agitate the kidneys and lead to kidney damage. Caffeine also contributes to the buildup of toxins in the blood.

5. Ulcers: Drinking coffee causes irritation to the stomach lining and can contribute by degrees to the destructive pain of gastric ulcers. 5. Healing herb: Ginseng has been shown to aid in the healing process. Traditionally used as an aid to digestion, it can help restore broken body cells.

6. Heart disease: Rising blood pressure, higher nervous tension, irregular heartbeat and the increase in the blood cholesterol all spell out serious trouble for your heart. All these are stimulated by the regular use of caffeine. One study showed a double incidence of coronary heart attacks among people drinking five cups of coffee a day.

7. Diabetes and hypoglycemia: These are both serious and common diseases caused by an inability of the body’s natural mechanism to regulate sugar in the blood. Coffee can increase the level of blood sugar in diabetes and lower it in hypoglycemia. This is exactly what is unwanted and can invite a blood sugar crisis.

Check this out this good news  Click Here and this Personal Renewal Guide Click Here .

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Gensing Benefits

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Korean Ginseng – Mineral and Vitamin Replenishing Tea

Health Benefits of Korean Ginseng

Ginseng has been used to assist the treatment of a wide variety of diseases ranging from cancer to skin problems to general listlessness. The active ingredients that trigger the health benefits of ginseng are called Ginsenosides.

Ginsenosides help the body to cope with stress by preventing the depletion of hormones in the adrenal glands. They also help protect the body against the effects of radiation and chemical toxins.

Ginseng is the first bioactive compound to be termed adaptogenic as it helps the body rebalance itself and recover quickly from physical and mental stress. Moreover, ginseng strengthens the immune systems and enhances the body’s ability to fight against diseases and allergies by stimulating the production of interferon. It thus helps prevent colds, flu end even some forms of cancer, while proving effective in lowering high blood sugar levels as well as blood cholesterol.

Below is a comprehensive list of the health benefits Ginseng is known for. Although it is used to assist the treatment of a variety of ailments the world over, many healthy people take Ginseng daily to improve mental and physical performance, boost their immune system and protect their body against external stressors.

Please click on the images below to view the associated benefits.
– alleviates fatigue
– improves vitality
– improves stamina for sports people
– promotes detoxification and thus may improve skin condition
– relieves hangover symptoms and improves alcohol clearance
– reduces nervousness and anxiety
– lowers stress levels
– enhances mood

Metabolism and digestion
– balances metabolism
– promotes digestion
– improves mental performance
– enhances memory and concentration
– stimulates blood circulation and helps treat impotence
– increases sperm production and sperm mobility
– helps treat infertility

Whole Body
– strengthens the immune system
– has anti-aging effects
– helps defeat growth of tumors
– regulates major organs and hormonal functions
– increases oxygenation of cells and tissues
– stimulates the regeneration of damaged cells
– acts as a powerful blood purifier
– stimulates blood circulation
– lowers high blood sugar
– lowers blood cholesterol
– lessens symptoms of menopause, including vaginal atrophy

For further information, read about who should take ginseng.

Learn more about Korean Ginseng

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* Who should take Korean Ginseng?
* How is Ginseng consumed?
* Exceptional Quality of Il Hwa Ginseng
* What differentiates Korean Ginseng?
* Ingredients of Korean Ginseng
* Are there any possible side effects?
* 5000 Year History of Korean Ginseng
* Korean Ginseng Cultivation

Did You Know?

* Korean Ginseng (Panax Ginseng) is the most widely used and studied ginseng in the world. Almost 3,000 research articles on Korean ginseng have been published to date.
* Ginsenosides are the active ingredients that trigger the over-all benefits of Korean Ginseng.
* Ginseng has been shown to reduce the intensity of the body’s response to stresses.
* Ginseng is the first bioactive compound to be termed “adaptogenic” as it helps the body rebalance itself and recover quickly from physical and mental stress.
* Ginseng is known in many Asian countries as the king of all herbs.
* Wild Oriental ginseng is extremely rare in the market today and can command a price upwards of twenty thousand dollars an ounce (31103.3 milligrams).
* Ginseng extract/tea has an earthy, slightly bitter taste and is popularly consumed with honey and/or milk. Ginseng will taste very bitter to a person with an acidic condition.
* Ginseng can be taken any time of the day. However, many people prefer to take it on an empty stomach, early in the morning and late at night


Arbres de paradis...!!!

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On a quiet 1970’s fall day, near a lazy sloping hill’s crest, I stood with an easel explaining how we recognize that life, specified complexity,  is the result of intelligent design (I borrow the phrase because it works well).  All morning as groups of students waited for the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute bus and departed.  This received as much recognition as a billboard ad with no pictures.  At lunchtime, the bus stop became quiet and deserted.

Quietly, I considered the possibility of more frustration when the students returned. My dark mood was reinforced by the cigarette butts, coke cans and more discards littering the bus stop’s unloved, dusty ground.

EUREKA! I would make my point, without words.

A scraggly branch was modified to become a boom-like rake.  I cleaned the ground until it was pristine and uniform.  Stray rocks were brushed to reveal their original finish.  Standing back I studied the scene and positioned them in reference to where the bus would stop and where passengers exit.  I began tracing rhythmic, resonant lines around the rocks. Time flew. I was having fun as I thought of what might happen when the students arrived.  Just beyond the hill’s crest the sound of the approaching bus grew louder and I moved out of sight.

The bus arrived.  Students left the bus, hesitating for a moment before continuing their trek. I smiled. These students proved the point I was trying to make earlier. They avoided the ground etchings as they continued to their destinations.  Finally, the last student left the bus.  He stopped and considered the ground for several moments, and, finally, I emerged from behind the bush. He recognized me from earlier in the day and asked, “Why?

I smiled and explained. “I wanted to prove we can recognize that life is not an accident, without a lot of words.  Life, existence, all of this” – I motioned all around us — “is the result of a designer, God, whatever you want to call the creator of all this.  I created these patterns in the dust.  You noticed and responded without explanation.  The creator has caused everything we see here to take form and in some cases to live.  We are learning to be response-able. The first step is to ask, “Why?”  We both smiled and departed with a nod.

David Belfort

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Welcome to Life

There is a good, loving, parental creator whose purpose of creation is love designed to create joy and the co-creative  joy of  living for others, which is  good news for everyone.  Otherwise, there is no point in living . . . save . . . survival of the fittest, which is bad news for everyone except for the big, ultimate and all powerful . . . ME.

‘LIFE’  is a journal of exploration.  A chronicle of our plan and discovery as we design and create (take responsibility for) our life, family, society, nation, world and cosmos.  We exist in abundance and live to give abundantly as ONE FAMILY UNDER GOD.  Any evidence to the contrary is temporary.  Join us and enjoy the journey.